Flat-packed staircases are a popular and cost-effective option for homeowners who are looking to add a stylish and functional staircase to their home. Our FLAT PACK staircases are designed to be shipped promptly and easily assembled on-site.

Available in the following measurements 32mm Whitewood Strings, 21mm Whitewood Treads, and 9mm Plywood Risers.

Our pre-designed flat pack options are perfect and ideal for many reasons:


Flat-pack staircases are usually less expensive than custom-built staircases, making them an excellent option for our customers who are on a tight budget.


Made from high-quality softwood timber, which is sustainable for long-lasting durability that you can rely on.

The timber comes unfinished in preparation for any paint, stain, or varnish you want to utilise depending on your taste.

Easy Installation

They are designed to be assembled on-site, making the installation process much simpler and faster than usually bespoke staircases.

Our range of flat-pack staircases comes with detailed instructions to guide you carefully step-by-step, removing the need for the cost of a joiner or carpenter to fit your stairs.

All of our flat packs include wedges and glue block kits.  


All our flat-pack staircases are designed to meet strict safety standards and are in line with current building regulations, so you can be confident they will be safe to use.

Softwood Timber Flat-Pack Straight Staircases

3 Riser Step (FFL 600MM) 

4 Riser Step (FFL 800MM) 

5 Riser Step (FFL 1000MM) 

6 Riser Step (FFL 1200MM)

7 Riser Step (FFL 1400MM) 

8 Riser Step (FFL 1600MM) 

9 Riser Step (FFL 1800MM) 

10 Riser Step (FFL 2000MM) 

11 Riser Step (FFL 2200MM) 

12 Riser Step (FFL 2400MM) 

13 Riser Step (FFL 2600MM


All 11 of our pre-designed flat-pack staircases are available for order and quick shipping.

Pear Stairs ship to mainland UK.

Find more information about our delivery details here.

Flat Pack Staircases at Pear Stairs

So, if you’re looking for a straightforward and cost-effective solution, Pear Stair’s flat-pack staircases are the ideal option.

For more information about the pre-designed flat-packed staircases we manufacture at Pear Stairs, speak to one of our design team on 01938 553311 who will be able to assist you with your requirements.

Alternatively, you can email us at webenquiries@pearstairs.co.uk to find out more about how we can