Find the Ideal Bespoke Handrail for Your Staircase Design With Pear Stairs

The handrail is the part of the staircase for which texture and appearance are probably the most important. This is the part of the staircase that will receive the most physical contact from hands, so the shape, choice of material and overall feel of the handrail make a massive impact on the user experience of the design.

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A Variety of Handrail Profiles to Choose From

At Pear Stairs you can choose from a selection of handrail profiles that range from low minimalist designs to rounded and more traditional decorative styles. Once you have decided on a profile, you will then need to choose a timber. Options include: hemlock, pine, southern yellow pine, sapele (similar to appearance of mahogany), American white oak and American white ash. These timbers cater for all budgets while offering a range of colours and textures.

Handrail profiles, bespoke handrail, custom handrails

Functional & Attractive Handrail Design

Along with being an aesthetic feature, handrails are an important component for safety. For this reason, all handrail profiles available from Pear Stairs have been designed to be both appealing to look at and easy to hold on to. Catering for all building shapes and sizes, Pear Stairs handrails are available in standardised lengths of 2.4m, 3.6m or 4.2m and can include 35mm slots, 41mm slots or none at all so you can be sure of finding the handrail you need.

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Other Handrail Options

Along with bespoke handrail profiles for balustrades there are also a range of options for wall mounted handrails. These include; mopstick handrails, handrail kits and pigs ear handrails. Handrail kits are available in a variety of lengths and provide a straightforward option for installing a wall mounted handrail. Pigs ear handrails are another popular option that provide a minimalist aesthetic in the timber of your choice.

To experience the full range of handrail options available, visit the Pear Stairs online shop or call the design team on 01938 553311 and ask how Pear Stairs can help you achieve your dream staircase.