Deanta Wall Panelling

Revamp your interior with Deantas' simple, elegant and affordable wall panelling. 

Immerse Acoustic Wall Panelling

Deanta's Immerse Acoustic Wall Panelling is an incredibly effective solution for improving the acoustics and overall comfort of a room. 

Unlike normal wall panelling, the Immerse Acoustic range helps absorb unwanted noise, ultimately increasing concentration, learning, relaxation and privacy. 

These panels are carefully crafted to ensure easy installation, the panels can be fixed directly to walls using adhesive or mechanical fixings.

Traditional Madingley Wall Panelling

Perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and conservatories, Deanta's water-resistant Madingley wall panels come in an Edwardian style. 

The panels come white-primed, so you can paint them a colour more suited to your interior or taste. 

This style features trimmed with curved, rebated beading, set off Tudor practicality against sleek, contemporary fixtures. 

See our easy-installation video below.

Traditional Shaker Wall Panelling  

Deanta's Traditional Shaker Wall Panelling offers a modern take on the classic appearance of wall panelling. 

Featuring a simple design with clean lines to suit all interiors and add a touch of timeless style. 

Their shaker style gives the panels a sense of elegance which can be customised to any style, from minimalistic to bold. 

See our easy installation video below. 

White-primed Balmoral Wall Panelling 

Balmoral panels complement any style of decor and work equally well in contrast.

The panels are the perfect addition for your home if you are seeking a sense of elegance and grace with your interior. 

They showcase an ornamental beading which add a taste of Jacobean luxury to the modern home.

See our easy-installation video below. 

White-primed Hampton Wall Panelling 

The Hampton style from Deanta boasts an Edwardian style, which is elegant and loud. 

They feature increasing sophistication, perfect for creating luxury and elegantly alluding to historical influence. 

Perfect for any style of home, whether you are seeking a modern or classic design approach. 

See our easy-installation video below.