910. Brooker stairs

Price: £1,650.00 (at date of manufacture)



This is a dog leg stairs.  It is a cut string flush nosings stairs, the cut string is both sides at the entry as both sides of the stairs are seen at entry.  The back of the stairs and the left of the stairs as you look at the plan are closed string as up against a wall.  Not only is it cut string, but the stairs are also flush nosings so the treads are flush with the risers and it has a 4mm radius pencil round on top at the front of the treads, there is no return nosings on the treads either so end of the treads and risers are flush with the strings so all end grain of treads and risers was going to be seen.  The reason for the treads being flush with risers and treads and risers flush with the string is that the customer which they are doing themselves are cladding the stairs with bamboo.  The customer also supplied the handrail and spindles themselves.

Our Customer Said:

We are very happy with the stairs, which have been clad in bamboo.  Thank you for your help getting the design right.  Our carpenters commented that the quality of the stairs was much better than most that they install and everything fitted together very well.