882. Haslemere Staircase

Price: £1,293.00 (at date of manufacture)



The customer chose a completely white primed flight with square stub newel posts cut flush with the string to enable the fitting of purpose made black metal balustrade.  The treads are 32mm thick square nosed with a 4mm radius, the customer requested offset posts so that they could plant on additional timber and from the outside, make it appear to have no posts.  All black metal components were sourced by the customer.  The flight was designed around this vision for this balustrade.

Our Customer Said:

Forgive the toddler gates, but they're essential at the moment.  We still have a stair runner to be installed to soften the stairs, but we're essentially complete and are delighted.  Your flexibility in accomodating our specific needs have resulted in a very bespoke feel yer at a "pre fab" price point.  The cut newel posts made the perfect base plate fixity of the handrail at each turn and the doubled string was perfect for the baseplate under each balustrade.  It works really well.