722. Caledonian staircase

Price: £6,000.00 (at date of manufacture)



This high quality straight staircase is made entirely from American white oak and includes a double sided D-end feature step at the bottom of the flight with balustrade on both sides of the staircase and numerous landing rails, the glass panels allow plenty of natural light to flow through, giving an airy open feel to the property.

Our Customer Said:

The stairs deserve a professional photographer rather than my feeble efforts with a phone. We were delighted with Pear Stairs we knew that because the stairs are a feature in the entrance we had to invest in a more expensive and not run of the mill straight stairs.  Pear Stairs have not let us down my very capable carpenter joiner and myself took on the task of installing, it was a joy to work with the precision machining which made for easy installation. THANK YOU PEAR STAIRS!