439. Kingfisher Staircase

Price: £610.00 (at date of manufacture)


West Yorkshire

This softwood staircase is set between walls, starting on a winder and finishing on a winder. We used softwood treads, MDF winder treads and plywood risers. The strings were painted white to blend in with the overall decor of the property.

Our Customer Said:

We used the stairway to access the space above an existing single storey garage/utility room. The existing garage/utility room walls were extended upwards to make a new storey to form a self-contained flat. The images hopefully show how the compact design stairway makes best use of space, while meeting building regulations. It also forms a neat under-stair cupboard at the lower level, while upstairs the stairwell headspace has been used to make a cupboard for the new apartment, as well as making an impressive breakfast bar. We are well pleased - they have helped to make a nice development with restricted space at a very reasonable cost, thank you.