354. Tembani Staircase

Price: £7,700.00 (at date of manufacture)

Hemel Hempstead


Here's an example of two splendid staircases serving three floors. The ground to first floor has a quarter landing near the bottom of the staircase and a single winder on riser nine with a D-end bottom step. The first floor to second floor staircase is a standard single winder. Both staircases have American white oak strings and balustrades. The ground to first floor also has oak treads and risers. As the first-to-second floor was to be carpeted, softwood treads and risers were used. The newel posts on both staircases are 120mm stop-chamfered with some intricate fluting on the faces to match. The string is also fluted, while the spindles are stop-chamfered. After much consideration regarding choice of handrail, the client opted for our 'Special Profile No. 46'.

Our Customer Said:

The staircases are brilliant, thank you very much.