352. Troopers Lodge Double Spacesaver

Price: £1,500.00 (at date of manufacture)



An unusual scenario where two spacesaver staircases stand next to each other. Both spacesavers have been constructed from sapele with square newel posts and spindles. The client cleverly devised his own cap by combining our pyramid and mushroom newel caps, creating a unique look. The stairs have alternate-handed steps with part of the tread cut away. The user relies on familiarity and regular use for reasonable safety.

Our Customer Said:

The building we wished to convert was of a low flat roof construction, with a single room and shower room/toilet and kitchen, situated within the grounds of a Grade II listed property. Getting planning permission to increase the floor area was refused, but we did get permission to add two open-front garages and a pitched roof. I decided to open up the new roof, creating two sleeping areas, one above the bathroom/kitchen and one in the pitch above the first garage.The result was a small mezzanine floor extending above the bathroom/kitchen to accommodate a bed, there being sufficient space above the garage for the other bed, but how to get to them? The angle of ordinary stairs would mean that they would fill the room, so I opted for paddle stairs. Pear Stairs were the only company I contacted who could provide what I needed at a reasonable cost. The stairs are admired by everyone who sees them, commenting that 'they seem to make the room bigger'. The stairs were delivered on time, the quality is beyond reproach, and great value for money. The project would not have worked without your assistance.