1166. White Rock

Price: £502.14 (at date of manufacture)



A couple from Carmarthenshire approached the Pear Stairs team seeking to embark on a staircase refurbishment project to breathe new life into their property. Their main goal was to modernise the existing flight, infusing it with sophistication and style.

The original wooden balusters were replaced with contemporary black metal spindles in the styles Pembroke and Camlad, the transition instantly added a touch of character and drama. The combination of white-primed elements with Pear Stairs' black metal spindles created a visually striking contrast.

A plush grey carpet with black trimming was installed along the staircase, not only enhancing the visual appeal but also providing comfort underfoot. The refurbished flight achieved the perfect
balance between traditional elegance and contemporary design.

Our Customer Said:

Our experience has been excellent with Pear Stairs… it was easy to find what we w ere looking for and made even better by having examples of other amazing projects on your website to look at for ideas too. The delivery process was fast and efficient and we would definitely recommend to everyone.