107. Crownhill Whitewood Staircase

Price: £550.00 (at date of manufacture)

Milton Keynes


This new staircase is designed to give access to new offices. The stairs are not required to meet ambulant regulations, as there is a lift in the property, but are manufactured with a 250mm 'going' for public use. The 'going' of a step is measured from the edge of one nosing (the front edge of the step) to the edge of the next as viewed from above; a person using the stairs would move this distance forward with each step they take. The 1100mm-high balustrade on the landing is also a building regulation for public use. The balustrade is made up of stop-chamfered newel posts, stop-chamfered spindles and pyramid caps. The wall mopstick handrail is fixed to one side only, as the stairs are less than a metre wide. The staircase is made up of whitewood treads and plywood risers as the stairs are carpeted, with a metal nosing placed on the edge of the treads complete with an anti-slip strip.