1063. Foxhat

Price: £3,601.34 (at date of manufacture)



A daring bespoke staircase where standard features work in partnership with modern touches. Clients from Devon approached the Pear Stairs team looking for a staircase to suit their property's aesthetic.

This flight displays a more traditional-looking staircase with the inclusion of timber however, property owners wanted to create something unique. An open-riser style was opted for to allow natural light to be enhanced throughout the room, the components used are all Oak including; 42mm treads, 32mm strings, 20mm risers, and square posts.

The addition of modern touches lay within the balustrade, it features a continuous use of posts to create a uniform balance without using a handrail or baserail. Appealing to the eye, this staircase immediately catches your attention due to its display of symmetry. This addition also enhances the filtration of light.

NOTE - Customers supplied and crafted the balustrade themselves. We do not provide this style of balustrade directly from Pear Stairs. 

Our Customer Said:

We have used Pear Stairs for a number of years now. The Quality of their staircases is first-class. The design team make it a smooth process to ensure we get exactly what is needed, even if it’s not straightforward. The whole process is efficient and well communicated from design through to delivery.

Looking forward to ordering the next set from Pear Stairs.