Handrail Fittings

The customer: Mr Marston from Ilford said, “The delivery was excellent the parts got to me in thick snow when the weather was at it’s worst. One wrong part was delivered but this was resolved very quickly and the correct part was sent very fast. The customer service was exceptional”

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  1. Trademark Primed Horizontal Turn

    Trademark primed horizontal turn.

    For landing handrail system.

    For use with both 41mm and 32mm Spindles.

    Size (mm): 170 x 170 x 44.

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    SKU:  HTW

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  2. Trademark Primed Vertical Turn

    Trademark Primed Vertical Turn.

    For 32mm and 41mm Spindles.

    Size (mm): 126x475.

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    SKU:  VTW

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Set Descending Direction

2 Item(s)