Stairs & Staircases in Worcestershire

If you happen to be from Worcestershire and are looking for a new staircase or want to give your existing one a new life then Pear Stairs can give you that helping hand.

As one of Britain’s main manufacturers, designers and suppliers of stair parts, Pear Stairs offers a wide range of parts from handrails to spindles at affordable prices.

Malvern in Worcestershire has been a massive influence on very popular novels including C. S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. Both drew their inspiration from visiting small towns in Worcestershire, and these novels went on to impact a number of people’s lives.

At Pear Stairs, we aim to inspire the people of Worcestershire to use their imagination and become creative, giving them the freedom to create their own dream staircase.

Worcestershire Stairs

Design your own Worcestershire Staircase using StairCreator

Our website offers an exciting and creative interactive program that lets you design, edit and perfect your very own staircase without leaving your home. The program offers a 360 degree view in a 3D format that allows you to choose the type of staircase, the parts and the materials you want.

As soon as you are pleased with your final design, we then offer a zero-commitment quote in a matter of seconds.

If you still need a little more inspiration before designing your staircase, then explore our case studies gallery page, which showcases a range of staircases that we have previously fitted for our customers.

High Quality Stairs in Worcestershire

Since 1830, Worcestershire has been producing its Lea & Perrins Worcestershire sauce. It is still sold in shops to this day, however its recipe still remains a closely guarded secret.

Unlike the Lea & Perrins sauce we do not have a closely guarded secret, just a talented workforce of designers and craftsmen that provide top customer service and high quality stair parts.

At Pear Stairs, we know that your staircase isn't just a link between two floors, but is at the centre of your home. It is a key feature, and at Pear Stairs we aim to turn that lifeless stairway into a stylish and unique grand entrance.

So, people of Worcestershire, do not wait! Visit Pear Stairs' website or call us now to move one step closer to getting your dream staircase.