Quick-Step Engineered Wood Flooring at Pear Stairs

Quick-Step Engineered Wood Flooring: Durable & Stylish

Boasting a beautiful real-wood finish, engineered oak flooring offers all of the aesthetic benefits of a hardwood flooring without the possibility of warping. Hardwood floors can be uneven and potentially dangerous, while engineered oak flooring is much safer, made with specialised layers that have been topped with gorgeous oak. Easy to fit and maintain, these flooring options provide a durable even surface that retains warmth for a luxurious effect. For more on engineered flooring and other available interior design options continue to peruse the Pear Stairs online store or call our team on 01938 553311.


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At Pear Stairs you can find everything you need to complete your home or business interiors to your desired level of quality, including gorgeous flooring options. This range of luxury flooring features engineered oak, vinyl tiles and laminate options; all with an exceptional finish. The perfect flooring to complement a new staircase, peruse the range to find the ideal floor for your property or contact us on 01938 553311 to discuss your project.

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