The Power of White Primed, or White Painted Staircase Parts 

White primed, or white painted staircase parts provide a clean and minimalist aesthetic that handily complements any home decor. The bright finish of a white primed staircase provides a bold contrast against wooden and coloured surfaces as is the case with this straight flight in Sussex. The dark oak treads and handrail work well with the white for a distinct finish that is harmonious with the interior design of the home.

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Contrast Between White Paint & Timber Surfaces

Choosing dark oak treads and handrails rather than white primed options is also a practical choice in terms of maintenance. White primed stair parts may have an aesthetic appeal but they can pick up dirt and marks more easily. Changing to a darker finish and/or material for handrails and treads is more practical as these are the parts of the staircase that receive the most contact. Pear Stairs offer a wealth of white primed options for your staircase, including individual stair parts from the online store, or complete staircases created with the design team or the online Staircreator. The beauty of white primed staircase parts is that they can be installed as is, for a neat white style, or they can be painted for a colourful personalised design. 

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It must be noted that white primed stair parts cannot be stained, only painted. If you wish to apply your own stain for a unique finish, a wide range of unfinished stair parts are also available from Pears Stairs.
For more on the range, visit the Pear Stairs online store, or to get right in to designing your own stairs you may contact the Pear Stairs design team on 01938 553311 or go to the online Staircreator.