What is a Space-Saving Staircase?

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Space-saving staircases are the latest interior design trend for maximising space efficiency within your property. Combining an elegant contemporary look with the benefits of increased floor space, potential storage space and the possible addition of value to your property; there’s no wonder that there is an increased demand for this modern staircase style.  

What are the different types of space-saving staircases?

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When it comes to choosing the best space-saving staircase for your property, it is important to consider the different options available on the market; and evaluate how each of these innovative space-saving solutions complements your property’s dimensions. The three most common types of space saving staircases are paddle space saver stairs, folding space saver stairs and telescopic space saver stairs. Each staircase style has its own unique benefits that we have outlined for you below.  

Paddle Space Saver Stairs

Modern in its alternating tread style, paddle space saver staircases are simple in their functioning. By offering alternating half treads as opposed to full-width treads, these staircases typically only require approximately half of the floor space of a standard staircase. Perfect for providing a permanent space-saving stair solution to an open loft or spare room. 

Folding Space Saver Stairs

The most traditional space saver stairs of the three, folding space saving stairs have been used in lofts for several decades. Also available in sliding models, these staircases are retractable and stored away when not in use, either collapsing in on themselves in a folding action or retracting in a sliding motion and locking in place for a stacked effect. The strongest and most sturdy solution for temporary stairs, folding space saver stairs are a popular choice. 

Telescopic Space Saver Stairs

Designed to be fitted within lofts, telescopic space saver stairs are now increasingly more common due to their incredible ease of use. Capable of being fitted simply by attaching the mounting brackets on the original fittings; and collapsing down to take up the least amount of space when not in use, they are the most compact option. 


What are the space-saving stairs building regulations?

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As always, all staircase installations are required to adhere to the local building regulations, and space-saving staircases are no exception. The most important thing to note within the space-saving stairs building regulations is that they cannot be used as the main staircase within the property. This is in line with standard UK Staircase Building Regulations that require that the angle of incidence is 42° or lower, for your staircase to comply. In black and white, UK Building Regulations state that space saving staircases "should only be used for access to one habitable room". Unfortunately, this simple statement seems to have differing interpretations across different counties and regions; with some locations in the UK only allowing for space-saving staircase installation leading to a non-habitable room, such as a boiler room or storage space.

At Pear Stairs, our advice is to always liaise with your local building control officer throughout the duration of your property improvement project in order to ensure that you are adhering to all stair building regulations.
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