Exterior Staircase; Maximise the Utility of Your Outdoor Space

Access transforms a space. Outdoor areas are difficult to utilise when they are awkward to access and can end up being a wasted part of a property. This staircase that Pear Stairs provided for a property in Gloucestershire makes the most of an outdoor decking area by connecting it to the first floor of the property. The staircase has been manufactured from treated redwood. Redwood is an appealing timber to use because it is relatively low cost and offers lasting durability when treated properly. The steps in this staircase feature open risers. Open risers are a favoured feature for contemporary staircases and with outdoor staircases they are functionally vital. Without risers, the treads can easily drain water from wet weather conditions. The gaps also allow air to pass through, minimising the chance of wind damage.

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Structurally, this staircase relies on a system of elongated newel posts. The posts are integral for both holding the staircase together and keeping in its elevated position. The posts sit on metal feet that have been buried into bark, this prevents moisture from creeping in and compromising the integrity of the redwood. The posts have been topped with pyramid newel caps for a subtle flourish to the overall silhouette of the design.

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The client was pleased with the finished results, saying it “has made the garden and house connected now”. To begin creating your very own staircase, try the online Staircreator or call the Pear Stairs design team on 01938 553311.