Staircase with a Creative Structural Solution

When designing a staircase, it is vital that it not only looks great but that it is also structurally safe. There are of course strict staircase building regulations within the UK that ensure stairs are safe to use but, in some properties, creative thinking is required too. These staircases we provided for a property in Kent are stacked one on top of the other. The design has a large well that extends through the property, offering few opportunities to support the staircase.

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Oak Stairs Stairwell UK

Double Winder Oak Staircases with Stacked Newel Posts

The client opted for double winder designs, with newel posts on the internal corners of the stringer. This is quite a standard staircase design but where it gets tricky is the first to second floor staircase. Without the solid ground floor immediately below it, the newels do not have a readily available solid surface to be installed on to. To circumvent this issue, the joiner, in collaboration with Pear Stairs designed the staircases in such a way that the newel posts in the top staircase perfectly line up with those in the bottom. This has allowed the posts to be extended downwards to rest on top of the posts in the staircase below. The end result is not only a safe and solid staircase but a visually pleasing space.

Oak Staircase Plan

An Oak Feature Staircase

The extended newel posts provide a central feature that the staircases seem to revolve around. Made from oak, these posts have a deep and rich colour to them that extends through the staircase design and the property itself. In addition to the unusual newel posts, the ground floor staircase has a D-end feature step that is also made from oak. Feature steps are a great addition to a staircase design, the larger step seemingly welcomes you up the staircase while adding a touch of grandeur to the style of the room.

carpeted staircase

The other treads and risers in this staircase have been carpeted and made from cheaper whitewood to save on costs. Remember, there is no point in using an expensive timber like oak for steps that are going to be hidden. Overall, the structural newel posts at the centre of this design provide a stoic aesthetic to the project, enhanced by the raw texture and warmth of the oak and the use of bold stop chamfered spindles and posts.

To discover more staircase design ideas, peruse the Pear Stairs Case Study library. If you would like to dive in and start designing your very own staircase, try the online Staircreator tool or call the staircase design team on 01938 553311.