Staircase Spotlight; Decorative Brackets & Panels

There is a balance to staircase design between the integral structural components and the purely aesthetic features. A strictly utilitarian staircase would be little more than treads, risers and a balustrade that meets the requirements of building regulations. While Pear Stairs can supply such a staircase you would be missing out on an opportunity to create a staircase that not only complements your interior design but improves it.

white primed and oak, staircase design, pear stairs staircase

Staircase Style; Small Details Make the Difference

Thanks to a selection of attractive additional features, this winder staircase with return balustrade that Pear Stairs manufactured for a Solihull property has proved to be a cherished addition to the space. The bottom of the flight has an impactful presence thanks to the inclusion of two large feature steps. The first is a one-ended D-end step that loops around to the side of the newel post and the second is a bullnose step that extends outwards and sideways over the front of the newel. The larger bottom steps provide greater opportunity to show the appealing textures and colour of the oak treads.

The balustrade design is largely quite a standard design, white primed spindles and newels with an oak handrail, oak baserails on the return balustrade and oak pyramid cap to top the newel. Where it stands out is with the choice of newel posts. These posts are 120mm x 120mm, much larger than the average 90mm posts. The additional width to these posts lends a stoic feel to the design. The posts also extend down through the first floor, enforcing their presence in the overall design. The pyramid caps have been added to the tops and bottoms of the newels for a consistent aesthetic through the vertical space of the room.

carpeted oak staircase, oak treads, timber staircase

Bracket Moulding on a Cut String Staircase

On the side of the cut string, the client chose to add moulding brackets. These brackets add a subtle visual flare than avoids being overbearing thanks to the subtle white primed finish that harmoniously blends in with the white panelling along the wall. As many prefer the feeling of softer surfaces under-feet, the customer opted to add a central carpet runner. This is the stylish choice for when you want the feel of carpet while also retaining the ability to expose the beautiful timber treads underneath. Upstairs is a bright and welcoming space thanks to well positioned windows. The white primed components complement the light and soothing atmosphere of the place while the oak parts add a touch of colour.

To start designing your very own bespoke staircase, try the online Staircreator or call the Pear Stairs design team on 01938 553311. For more staircase ideas, peruse the Pear Stairs case study library; packed with over 900 bespoke staircases.