Luxurious Oak & Glass Staircase Idea: 
Staircase Spotlight

The combination of glass panels, open risers, feature steps, and quality oak creates a stunning modern staircase design. While contemporary interior designs can alienate traditional styles, this staircase instead retains the familiarity of classical interiors with expansive oak surfaces. Double D-End feature steps enhance the presence of this staircase within the space and provide an opportunity to extend gorgeous timber textures throughout the room.

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Top Down Staircase Design; Oak Aprons and Ceiling Newel Posts

An important thing to consider with staircase design is verticality. As the staircase reaches the floor above how is the design merging the two spaces? The stairwell in this design features an oak apron around the interior to ensure a consistent exposed timber theme throughout the property. Around the edge of the stairwell, newel posts from the return balustrade above extend down through the floor and have been finished with pyramid newel caps to match the newel posts below them.

glass and oak balustrade, oak balustrade, glass balustrade

Return Balustrades; Keep Your Staircase Design Consistent

Viewing the first floor, the return balustrade has an almost minimalist aesthetic. The large glass panels keep the design bright and simple while the square-profile newels maintain an uncomplicated silhouette, emphasising the colour and texture of the oak. As with all interior designs, refurbishments, and new builds, context should always be considered. Since the staircase is such an integral part of a build it is vital that it suits the space and building it is going into. You wouldn’t, for example, install a plywood staircase in the atrium of a stately home. This oak staircase has been designed with a vision in mind that acknowledges the building around it. The glazed double doors and reflective tiles mean this was always going to be a bright space, flooded with natural light. To capitalise on this, the staircase has been made with glass balustrades and half glass open risers. These features minimise shadows and allow the abundant light to flow through the room.

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The use of half glass open risers instead of completely open risers is necessary to comply with building regulations. A staircase cannot be made with gaps that would allow a 100mmsphere to pass through, this is to ensure feet and small children do not slip through.

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