Increasingly, home owners are choosing to extend their properties rather than risk the stress and uncertainty that comes with selling up and moving on. Converting the attic is often seen as the cheapest and most convenient way of creating more room, but access can be a problem. Standard stairs take a lot of space out of the floor below, while loft ladders are not suitable for anything other than occasional use. A space saver staircase, however, does exactly what it says on the tin. Also known as a paddle staircase or alternate tread staircase, it takes up much less floor area than a conventional flight but offers the convenience of a permanent structure.

Under UK building regulations, space saver stairs are only supposed to lead to a single room or to a bedroom with an ensuite. They are not intended to serve as a dwelling’s main staircase. As a handy means of accessing a converted loft, however, they are ideal. Space saver stairs are designed with cut-away steps arranged in an alternate pattern, with room to place just one foot on each tread. This means fewer steps are required, so the horizontal space needed for the staircase is much smaller. The design can take a bit of getting used to, but as long as you pick slip-resistant treads and install sturdy handrails for added support there should be no problem.

Even if you are not intending to convert the attic, these stairs are worth considering for the convenience factor alone. With a permanent staircase in place and no need to wrestle with a folding loft ladder, you’ll probably find you get much more use out of your roof space – even if it’s just for storage. Take a look at our page on space saver staircases for more details.

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