Frame the Stairwell with Smart Landing Balustrade Design

Landing balustrading is a significant feature in many properties. Primarily it has the function of providing a safe and durable barrier around a stairwell, but it can contribute so much more to a property. Looking down a stairwell, it is the balustrade that frames what you see, a persistent visual aspect to the interior design that should compliment the aesthetic of the space to be truly effective.

landing balustrade pear stairs, angled balustrade

Angled Landing Balustrade Case Study

In this case study of a staircase and balustrade we provided for a Wiltshire property, the client has made several smart and creative decisions with their landing balustrade. Starting with the chosen parts, this balustrade features clean and simple square spindles, stop chamfered newel posts and ornate oak pyramid caps to top the posts with an attractive flourish. The balustrade has been painted by the customer to be harmonious with the property while having a subtle contrast with the oak caps, making them stand out as a feature. On the surface this may seem quite simple, but it is an effective design that works perfectly in the space. Green could have made the stairwell too dark, but with the natural light available from the nearby window the client could afford to take the risk with a darker colour and it has paid off.

angled handrail, curved balustrade, pear stairs

Bespoke Balustrades; Be Conscious of Space

As smart as the design is, it is the structure of the balustrade that truly capitalises on the assets of the space. The joiner has added an angled indent to the balustrade, that provides more open space in the stair well. This space could have gone to waste, but the customer has installed a fascinating paper chandelier that hangs down through the floors of the house as a delicate yet powerful vertical feature.

angled balustrade, angled handrail, handrail design, pear stairs

Design Your Own Balustrade, Today

If you would like to find further inspiration for your staircase, visit our case study database where there are over 900 prime examples of Pear Stairs staircases from across the UK. If you have a design in mind, why not talk it through with the design team, available on 01938 553311. There is also the online Staircreator, a free design tool that renders your staircase in 3D right before your eyes.