The professionals at Pear Stairs have a complete range of oak stair parts available for you to choose from, so don’t hesitate to find something suitable today!

There are a number of ways you can revamp your home, making it modern and contemporary; consider the following:

1.    Handrails

Revamping your home needn’t be a chore! Pear Stairs can assist you in the renovation of your staircase by providing you with a sturdy and stylish handrail to compliment your staircase design.

The simple addition of a handrail is a perfect addition to any staircase, adding to both style and safety, and because here at Pear Stairs we customise all of our oak stair parts to suit your size requirements specifically, you can be sure that installation will be simple and easy.

Why not enhance the overall look of your staircase by installing a new oak handrail  today?

2.    Stair Risers

Are you looking for a fresh new look? Consider yourself spoilt for choice!

Pear Stairs provide stair risers that can set your staircase apart from any other. You may think that it will be incredibly time consuming to perfect your design and make it fit well in your property, however, Pear Stairs can manufacture oak stair parts to suit your requirements efficiently, meaning you don’t have worry about matching aesthetics or ease of installation!

3.    Stair Stringers

When it comes to revamping your home, the stairs should never go unnoticed, as often they will one of the first features that guests see when they enter your home.

Leaving stairs without stair stringers will only make your staircase look unfinished. In another sense, the oak stringers are ideal for providing extra stability, making them a sturdy addition to any home.

The team at Pear Stairs have put their skills to the test and produced curved stair stringers allowing you to make your stairs more imaginative and creative in their design.

4.    Stair Spindles

There’s no finishing touch quite like the stair spindles at Pear stairs. As part of the oak stair parts range, you can be sure to get the most out of our stair spindles , and enhance the overall finish of your staircase!

Why not make your stairs the centrepiece of your home by using oak stair spindles? They’re decorative and yet simple, providing a high quality, consistent finish to your home.

5.    Stair Treads

Make a statement, using the stair treads from Pear Stairs to make your property more sophisticated. The stair treads are the parts of the stairs which see the most foot traffic, so you need to ensure they are hardwearing as well as complimentary in design. Our oak stair parts have to be compatible with the style of your property, guaranteeing a perfect, reliable fit.

Find the perfect oak stair parts to suit your home renovation today!

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