Modern living commences in the home with high-performance floors. Choosing between an extensive range of skirting boards, laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring can provide a difficult decision. As a result of successful innovation, Quick-Step is offering a variety of trademarks that market easy installation, waterproof finish and daring designs. 

Quick-Step at Pear Stairs

Flooring manufactured by Quick-Step is now available to order from our website. Delivery is offered directly to customers' homes, in all areas of the United Kingdom. With a variety of over 700 products to choose from, with prices ranging from £3-£144.

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Sustainable Flooring

Quick-Step’s wooden and laminate flooring is manufactured from only recovered wood. The wood used is accumulated from roadside maintenance, sawmills, and sustainable forest management processes.

To maintain to the supply of their materials, Quick-Step is heavily involved with sustainable forest management. The process entails harvesting trees whilst protection and biodiversity are at the forefront of the project, this means trees aren’t being cut down faster than new ones are being planted. By following this method Quick-Steps wood sourcing doesn’t contribute to deforestation.

With the ever-growing demand to combat climate change, trees play a vital part in defending it. Quick-Step uses slow-growing species, such as oak, in only the top layers of their wooden flooring. 

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Installation of your Quick-Step Flooring

Looking to invest in a new floor but need someone to fit it? Quick-Step offers a ‘Find an Installer’ service. Here, you can call upon a qualified installer who is local to your area. The perfect result is guaranteed with a free lifetime warranty on all installations. Use the link to find your nearest flooring fitter.

If DIY appeals to you, Quick-Step offers various guides and methods around the installation. You can fit the floor independently with the UnIclic (Multifit) click system, forgetting the need for glue, confusion, or staining. Guides cover all areas such as laminate, vinyl, and wood flooring. To find out more about step-by-step instructions and videos, follow the link.

For more information on Quick-Step products offered through Pear Stairs, and to explore the full range, head over to our website: