Quality in Quantity; Pear Stairs Provide for a Housing Project

Staircase projects of all sizes pass through the Pear Stairs factory. Anything from ladders and space-saver paddle stairs all the way up to grand curved oak staircases can be seen being dry fitted by the joinery team before being shipped. Yet there are some projects that are on a scale of their own.

blossom houses, staircase project, pear stairs

Timeless Oak & Metal Staircase Design

These gorgeous modern oak winder staircases were manufactured for a housing project in West London. The black Boston metal spindles work well with the warm texture of the oak while the white primed strings subtly frame the treads and risers. These are high quality stairs with a smart aesthetic and although the individual staircases are certainly not the largest flights that Pear Stairs have created, the project as a whole was of considerable size. The significant part of this project is the sheer quantity of flights that were produced.

blossom houses, housing project, staircase project, oak staircase

Manufactured for 13 different properties, each requiring 3 flights, a total of 39 staircases were produced. Each made to the highest level of care to meet the specific needs of the client. The result is a collection of staircases that impress not only for the quantity in which they were manufactured, but the consistent level of quality throughout the project.

For more on the Blossom Houses project, visit the case study here. To start designing your very own staircase try the online Staircreator or call the Design team on 01938 553311. Pear Stairs also sells an extensive collection of stair parts through the online store, available here.