Make your Garden a Social Space with Outdoor Decking and Balustrades

With Summer fast approaching, everyone will soon have the first opportunity in a long time to invite friends and family around. Impending garden gatherings means that practical outdoor spaces are in high demand. The most efficient way to create a useful outdoor area is with decking. A deck provides a level, attractive, and easily maintained surface for entertaining guests. Decks are generally made from either timber of composite materials with insulative properties, meaning they are not too hot in summer and not too cold in winter. 

outdoor decking, deck balustrade, outdoor railing
(Image Credit: Richard Burbidge)

Along with the decking itself, it is important to consider the pitch of your outdoor space. The nature of decking as a level surface means that if your garden is not level stages and steps will be created by the height difference. For some, the solution to this can be to dig down, landscaping the garden into a level surface before installing a deck. Yet in most circumstance this is either impractical, too costly or both. The easiest solution is instead to create a staged effect and install a balustrade or steps along the raised edges of the deck. At Pear Stairs we specialise in balustrading, not only for staircases, but for decking as well.

Richard Buirbidge Decking and Outdoor Handrail Parts

Coming from top suppliers such as Richard Burbidge and Cheshire Moulding, the Pear Stairs online store boasts a vast selection of outdoor balustrading, railing, and panelling options. Parts are available in a selection of designs and materials. For example, Richard Burbidge outdoor Square Newels (LD224) create a simple and cost-effective aesthetic, while the Richard Burbidge Fusion Commercial Glass Panel (LD579) creates a contemporary and industrial look, featuring the combination of metal and glass. To view the complete range of Richard Burbidge outdoor decking and balustrade parts on the store, click here.

Cheshire Moulding Outdoor Balustrade Parts

If you are looking to include steps in your design, you will need a specially treated string onto which you may mount the treads. Cheshire Moulding strings are available in three and five tread sizes, offering a readily cut and treated product for straightforward construction of decking stairs. Along with strings, Cheshire Mouldings also produce a desirable collection of timber balustrade parts including spindles, newels, rails and newel caps. Click here to see the selection of Cheshire Mouldings parts available on the store.

For more on the available decking and balustrade parts, continue to peruse the Pear Stairs Online store by clicking here. To discuss your plans with a member of our team please give us a call on 01938 553311.