Selective Use Of Paint & Mixed Materials Elevates The Appeal Of This Staircase Design

This staircase we provided for a Pembrokeshire property has a bright and appealing aesthetic thanks to a minimalist cut string and stepped glass balustrade. The 32mm oak treads have a subtle lip, giving them a slightly grandiose feeling to them. The painted parts of the staircase are made from Hemlock, a timber that has its own attractive colour but also features a smooth textured grain that takes a layer of paint very well.

Smart Use of Materials; Modern Staircase Design

pembrokeshire, cut string, home staircase

The choice of white by the customer complements the aesthetic of the property, a bright and contemporary modern home. This entire design sticks with modern trends; utilising glass, metal and wood components. The timber treads add a warmth in colour and are pleasant to the touch, while the steel parts such as the newel end caps provide a touch of cold metal that highlights the qualities of the oak through contrast. The glass balustrade is a smart inclusion in any property. Stairwells can often be a dark part of a building, but the glass allows natural light to flow through the space keeping it bright, safe and attractive.

Small Things Make A Difference With Staircase Aesthetics

Pembrokeshire, glass balustrade, oak staircase, modern stairs

We may have provided the staircase but the client must also be congratulated for their precise paint work. The paint covers the stringer flush to the risers and the undersides of the treads. This emphasises the form of the staircase and subtly improves its presence to make it a central feature in the property.

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