Stylish Painted Wooden Staircase

One of the biggest decisions made when designing a staircase is whether it will be carpeted or not. Both carpet and exposed timber have their appeals. A carpeted staircase offers warmth and can use cheaper whitewood, MDF and plywood for parts that will be covered. On the other hand, a non-carpeted staircase can show off quality timber or be painted with a bespoke design.

runner painted staircase, stylish staircase, black and white staircase

Painted White Staircase with a Black Runner

This staircase we provided for a home in Surrey has gone for the latter option and created a stylish staircase with a central black paint runner. This staircase was provided for a client that has an outdoor focused lifestyle. As dog owners that enjoy the countryside, the property owners wanted hard and easily cleaned surfaces in their household as opposed to carpets that could pick up stains and marks. Non-carpeted staircases can be more expensive as many prefer to use oak or other exposed hardwoods for the treads. To avoid this expense, this customer opted for white primed treads, risers, stringers, spindles, and newel posts. This has created a clean and neat aesthetic that avoids feeling cold thanks to the inclusion of oak handrails and a black painted runner.

wooden staircase, black paint, white paint

The runner was added by the client after installation. Painting a staircase is a straightforward task but only if you know what you are doing. For a design such as this we recommend measuring and pencilling in the design with a ruler. Once happy with the runner placement and design, apply masking tape up to the edges of where the paint will be applied. Use a brush suitable for the job, for example detailing should be a small brush but if you are painting a large surface you will need a big brush or even a roller. Be aware that rollers leave a texture in the paint. Start by painting every other step and waiting for that to dry. This way the staircase can still be used during the process. Go every other step and apply 2 coats for effective durability. Once the entire flight is dry, slowly remove the tape to avoid chipping and admire your work.

To start designing your very own staircase, try the online Staircreator or contact the Pear Stairs Design team on 01938 553311 or by clicking here.