Space Saver Stairs; All the Style, A Fraction of the Size

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An increasingly popular choice for smaller inner-city properties, space saver stairs (also known as paddle stairs) provide a fully functional staircase over a much smaller surface area; giving you all the verticality without the bulk.
A prime example is this staircase we recently provided for a Lancashire home. Utilising a smart choice of features this staircase achieves a warm and appealing aesthetic that matches that of the full flight of stairs on the floor below.

Paddle Staircase Case Study

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Made from yellow pine that has then been waxed, this paddle staircase has a rich golden colour to it that appeals to classical tastes. For extra flare, the customer also chose paddle treads with a recess for carpet inserts.
The carpet not only provides extra grip for anyone using the stairs but also matches the carpet on the staircase below it for a uniform aesthetic.

Know Your Space Saver Staircase Building Regulations

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Although space saver stairs are an efficient and stylish option, it is also important to know where and when they are necessary. UK building regulations stimulate that paddle stairs cannot be used as the main staircase in a dwelling because they have an incline steeper than 42°. This means they are better suited for accessing storage areas, lofts and attics than replacing the role of a full flight. It is also recommended that space saver stairs are accompanied by a strong handrail on both sides and a grippy surface (such as carpet) be applied to the treads for extra safety.

To start designing your very own space saver staircase, call the Pear Stairs design team on 01938 553311.