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The Wood Treatment of Choice for Your Staircase

Osmo oils, waxes and finishing products enhance and protect softwood and hardwood surfaces whether they be indoors or out. The vast Osmo collection caters for all tastes, providing wood finishes that range from traditional rich dark colours to bright and appealing modern tones. No matter the timber you are looking to treat there will be an Osmo product for you.

The premium finish and outstanding durability of Osmo finishes makes them an ideal choice for staircases. After decades of manufacturing stairs, we at Pear Stairs have found Osmo finishes to be the best at providing a reliable quality finish. The defining element of Osmo finishes is the layer they create on the timber. These oils and waxes both absorb into the wood while also creating a protective layer on the outside. This layer does not form a film, instead the product creates a protective microporous surface that penetrates the wood while enhancing its aesthetic qualities. As the finish simultaneously penetrates and sits on top of the wood, it provides the combined benefits of traditional oils and varnishes.

osmo wood wax, waxed pine, waxed staircase

Natural Ingredients Let the Timber Breathe

A timber surface that has been sufficiently treated with an Osmo oil or wax boasts great chemical resistance, extreme durability, a beautiful finish, and is easily maintained thanks to the smooth results. The microporous finish will continue to behave as natural timber does, capable of absorbing and releasing water. This ability to breathe keeps the surface anti-static, attracting less dirt to keep the surface looking its best. Osmo wood finishes are responsibly sourced from naturally occurring waxes and oils, including linseed, candelilla, sunflower, soybean, carnauba and thistle. Carrying numerous respected certifications, Osmo is not only a top performing choice of finish but it is also the environmentally responsible option.

To discover Osmo waxes and finishes take a look at the collection in the Pear Stairs online store by clicking here.