Atrium Oak Double Winder Staircase

When there is a wealth of natural light available in your property, your interior design has the opportunity to capitalise on the bright atmosphere. The warm colours and familiar textures of exposed timber surfaces come to life in these conditions, meaning a solid wood staircase can be an effective addition. This double winder oak staircase was created for the atrium of a property in Cheshire. The space features skylights and large windows around the room, creating an aesthetic not dissimilar to a large conservatory. Within this room the client needed access to a first-floor space, however they did not want a staircase with an obstructive design. The client desired a staircase with open space beneath it, not only that but they wanted the underside of the staircase to be as visually appealing as the top.

Concealed Staircase Joinerydouble winder staircase, oak staircase, chester staircase

Making the underside of a staircase look neat can be quite tricky. Treads and risers can be secured in place using a variety of methods though the easiest and most effective routes involve using either glue blocks or wedges; both are visually messy but are usually concealed. In the case of this oak design the steps have instead been secured in place with precise manufacturing specifics and expert joinery by the fitter, N.E. Joinery. The treads and risers fit flush into the housings within the strings; the strings have then been secured to the wall and a chain of five newel posts, only two of which reach the ground. While the modest square newel posts and spindles give this design a subdued aesthetic, this staircase is technically very impressive.

Miniature Interior Balcony

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Spending much of the day bathed in sunlight, the oak surfaces of this staircase exude a warm and welcoming hue. This warmth contrasts well with the extensive glass surfaces that could have come off as cold. The top of the staircase has a quarter landing that acts as a small interior balcony, a fun addition to the property that makes the most of this glorious vertical space.

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