You and your family may be “out with the old, in with the new” types - ready to rip everything out and rebuild from the ground up - or you may thrive on the idea of retaining a fitting that you love and just making a few tweaks to bring it up to date. Whatever you prefer, one of the more impressive and striking ways to update your home is by adapting your staircase. Here are a few suggestions that may just inspire you in your quest for a style update...

1. Swap out your spindles

Beautifully adorned balustrades will be all the rage throughout 2018, and there are many options to choose from. Whether you adore exquisitely carved wood, elegant twisted steel or simple, subtle and chic toughened glass, opting for a simple change such as this can make a difference you wouldn’t believe.

2. Go big and bold

A major change in staircase trends in the coming year is the sudden rise in popularity of curved or spiral staircases. If you’re interested in a major change, removing your simple staircase and adding a grand sweep to your new set of steps could really add some flair to your hallway and give the whole house a renewed sense of style.

3. Surprise with small touches 

Add a little fun and interest to your existing staircase by mixing materials in your spindles or panelling, or toy with the unexpected by adding an unusual touch such as clear toughened glass risers to give each step the impression of floating. It will let the light shine through beautifully too!

Curved oak staircase by Pear Stairs

4. Add accessories

Something as simple as replacing your old wall brackets with new, fresh and attractive fittings can update the look of your stairs beautifully. A brand new wall mounted handrail, caps for your newels or other creative additions can really make a big difference.

There are so many other ways to update your stairs, from a lick of paint to a whole new flight. Start planning today and give yourself something to really look forward to in 2018! Why not browse our case studies for more inspiration, visit the online shop or try out the StairCreator, our 3D planning tool which lets you design your own staircase and get an instant quote.