Maximise Natural Light & Enhance Contemporary Home Design With Your Staircase

This straight flight of stairs that Pear Stairs manufactured for a Middlesex property has a relatively simplistic design yet is aesthetically effective in this contemporary property.
The client has put a lot of thought into how light interacts with the space. The property has large glazed double doors at the rear that introduce a wealth of natural light.
The staircase is in line with these doors, so the client has opted for open risers; allowing the light to continue to flow through the property.

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Complement Existing Features In Your Home Or Property

From above, the landing space is also very bright thanks to a pair of windows including one installed in the roof. To capitalise on natural light, you need to leave it unobstructed where you can.
With this in mind, the client has opted for a return glass panel balustrade that feeds into a stringer-to-ceiling partition wall on the flight itself. This allows the light to come down through the roof window and into the ground floor.

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Mix Materials For A Contemporary Staircase Finish

In terms of material, this staircase utilises beautiful oak for a warm and familiar texture that stands out among the light modern architecture.
Exposed timber is often a favoured companion to bright and sp
acious areas as the uncomplicated interior style brings out the simple aesthetic pleasure of the wood.

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Design Your Own Staircase With Free Online Tools

To start designing your own staircase, have a go with the free online Staircreator; ready to render your staircase in 3D.
If you are thinking about a minor refurbishment or upgrade for your staircase, you may also want to see the Pear Stairs online store. It’s packed with designer stair parts from top brands like Richard Burbidge.