Top Modern Balustrade Idea: Glass Panels by Q-Railing

Q-Railing balustrades and handrails boast minimalist designs, durable products, easy assembly, and extreme versatility. The modular design of these metal handrails and glass balustrades means that you can create a contemporary balustrade, barrier or handrail that perfectly meets your needs. You can create frameless, framed and clamped glass balustrades for your home or project that are durable and a dream to install.

Easy Glass; Contemporary Glass Balustrade

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(Image: Q-Railing)

Among the Q product lines is the Easy Glass range, these glass balustrade connectors and rails are at the forefront of modern architecture and design. Using the Q Baluster Railing, the Easy Glass range creates the illusion of freestanding glass while serving the purpose of a balustrade or protective barrier. The Pear Stairs online store offers a complete selection of Q-Railing & Easy Glass connectors, brackets, inlays, and accessories. Click here to view the store and start creating your ideal contemporary balustrade.

Glass Panel Clamps

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(Image: Q-Railing)

When choosing a glass balustrade, it is important to know the different design options. A popular choice is to use glass clamps. While clamps are more visible than rails and inlays, they are easily installed and come in a selection of designs and finishes. Finishes include; stainless steel, chrome, matt chrome, black, and white. To see the range of available clamps, visit the store here and peruse the range.

Alu, Light Aluminium Railing in a Selection of Finishes

aluminium glass panel, aluminium rail
(Image: Q-Railing)

The Alu range is a selection of high-quality aluminium railings with a strong yet lightweight build and an attractive price point. The range is available in a selection of finishes including anodised, mill, and powder-coated. The Alu range is easily constructed and installed. The inlay system features glass wing technology that prevents the rubber from closing off until the glass is installed, the rubber will then grip the glass for a safe and strong result.

Easy Glass Slim; Sleek Modern Balustrades

slim glass balustrade, easy glass slim
(Image: Q-Railing)

The Easy Glass Slim range is ideal for modern residences and commercial properties as it has a very subtle visual footprint, allowing for a clean and contemporary aesthetic. The Slim range has phenomenal transparency while offering a strong and durable end-product. Great for interior or exterior use, the Slim range comes with an integrated water drainage system and safety wedge glass mounting system.

Glass Panels for Balustrades and Barriers

There is no predicting how large or compact a balustrade project will be. The Q-Railing and Easy Glass range has all the parts needed to fit the glass but the only way to know the size of the glass you need is to take measurements and place a bespoke glass order. For your bespoke glass panels and sheets, call our sales team on 01938 553311 or email us at