Metal Balusters; Amazing Balustrade Designs With a Timeless Style

Metal balusters (A.K.A. Spindles) are available in a variety of finishes and designs, suitable for both contemporary and traditional staircase designs.
Pear Stairs offers a wide selection of metal spindles, coming from top manufacturers like Richard Burbidge. 

Spindles in The Trademark collection

trademark spindles, metal spindles, metal balusters

With a smooth black finish and a selection of elegant shapes available, metal balusters in the Trademark collection are an extremely popular choice in modern staircase designs. 
The designs in this collection have varying levels of intricacy, going from the simple straight style of the Boston spindles up to the ornate shapes of the Edisto, this collection looks great in both modern and classic designs.
The black paint finish complements timber staircases especially well, bringing out the quality textures and colour of the chosen timber.

The Elements Collection

metal spindles, elements spindles, metal ablusters

If you are looking for an even greater variety of black metal spindle designs, the Elements collection is a superb place to look.
The delicate cylindrical designs in this collection range from the subtle to the complex, allowing for creative customisation as they can be mixed and matched.
More of a contemporary selection than the trademark range, spindles in the Richard Burbidge Elements range have soft flowing forms that can be used to create more unusual and innovative visual effects.
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Spindles in The Fusion Collection

fusion spindles, metal spindles, metal baluster

For a sleek and contemporary aesthetic, the Richard Burbidge Fusion collection should also be a consideration.
This range features everything needed to create a bespoke modern balustrade, including slim metal spindles available in two designs and two possible finished, chrome and brushed nickel.
The Sleek and minimalist style of the Fusion balusters makes them a prime choice for modern properties and projects.

Metal & Wood Spindles

wood and metal spindles, metal; and timber balusters

If you wish to retain that familiar texture and colour of timber in your spindles, yet also find the idea of metal spindles enticing, why not go for both.
The Pear Stairs store offers a selection of Metal & Wood spindles that incorporate both materials into the designs.

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