Measuring A Stairwell For Bespoke Staircase Design

At Pear Stairs we design and manufacture staircases for many customers undertaking self-builds or home refurbishments. When designing a staircase there are a few crucial measurements required first. To start with, we will need to know the precise size of the “stairwell” (the opening hole) in the first floor timber joists. As detailed in the image below, we will require measurements for the trimmer to the trimmer, and the trimmer to the finished wall.

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Measuring Floor to Floor

Measuring can be done by yourself, though we recommend using a qualified and experienced joiner to ensure it is done perfectly. We can attend properties to measure under special request, but this is often a needless expense. Along with the dimensions for the opening, we will also need to know the distance between each finished floor. In this case, the floor is considered as the surface on which you will walk, lay carpets and such. The measured distance will be the same for differing stair designs, as detailed below.

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Measuring for a Staircase, In Summary:

In order to make your staircase, the measurements we will need are:

  1. Finished floor to finished floor level
  2. Dimension ‘B’ (Trimmer to trimmer)
  3. Dimension ‘A’ (Trimmer to finished wall)

From this information we will complete all your drawings and check headroom, risers and goings of the staircase to ensure compliance with building regulations.

At Pear Stairs, we sell staircases in many shapes and sizes. If you require further assistance with measuring your staircase, don't hesitate to phone us on 01938 553311. You might also like to try out our online 3D planning tool, the StairCreator, which lets you experiment with different designs and provides instant price estimates as you go along.