Why Space Saver Stairs?

Do you have a difficult to access vertical space in your home? You may be searching for the perfect loft staircase or simply making the most of a small city apartment; in any of these cases space saver stairs are a great option. Space saver stairs, also known as paddle stairs, can shave off over a third of a staircase's required surface area

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Be Regulation Aware With Your Space Saver Stairs

If you decide to go for space saver stairs it is important to be aware of building regulations in order to avoid any unlawful installations and be as safe as possible. Significant point to remember are that space saver stairs must not be the main staircase in a dwelling. If a space saver is to be used "it should only be used for access to one habitable room". In all cases, the best advice would be to check with the building control officer at your local authority.

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Designing A Space Saver Staircase

As the steps alternate between left and right, think about which foot you favour before you purchase. If you start climbing stairs with your left foot then stating with a left tread will better suit your needs. Not having the correct layout can lead to confusion. It is also important to be aware of materials, we recommend treads thicker than 32mm and made from a sturdy material. Due to the shape of the treads there are more stress points, so a strong material is crucial.

Design your own staircase online for free

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