Keeping It Clean & Simple

When designing your own staircase it can be challenging to decide which materials or components would look best in your home or property. A popular idea is to keep things simple, especially in contemporary designs. 

oak staircase, oak handrail, oak newel, staircase case study

The old saying that “less is more” also applies to stairs. This staircase from Pear Stairs, now installed in a Cheltenham property, keeps things simple and achieves a clean and powerful aesthetic. 
There is nothing complicated about the components here. The customer has opted for square newels, standard handrails and pyramid newel caps for a small element of grandeur. 
All these parts are in a beautiful warm oak with an attractive grain, this timber was a smart choice by the customer as it complements the deep colour of the carpet and the wood-effect flooring at the foot of the staircase.

glass balustrade, glass pear stairs, staircase design

Invite Natural Light With Glass

The inclusion of spindles could have overcomplicated the design and drawn the spotlight away from the timber or the neat look the ensemble has.
The decision to include a glass balustrade side steps this issue entirely and is in keeping with the simple yet effective ethos behind this staircase. 
Using glass also means that natural light can easily flow through the space, keeping the space bright and welcoming.

oak staircase, understairs, pear stairs

Carpeting Stairs Adds Warmth

Carpeting the stairs not only keeps the surface warm and comfortable to use, it can also be cost effective.
The treads for these stairs were crafted from softwood and the risers are a simple plywood, functional but without the need to be attractive as they are hidden.

staircase design, staircase sketch, staircase measurements

The contractor for the project was delighted with the outcome, they said: “The customer was delighted and the staircase looks great,” “we buy quite a lot of staircases and components from you (Pear Stairs), we are very happy with the products and service”.
To find the stair parts you desire for your next project, take a look at the Pear Stairs store here. If you would like to get straight in to designing your very own staircase in fully rendered 3D, have a go with the Stair Creator here.