The Best Way to Save Floorspace in Your Garage Extension: Exterior Staircases

An exterior staircase is the perfect solution for maximising the utility of your garage. Both detached and attached garages have a useful amount of space above them but making the most of that space can be tricky.
A room above a garage cannot always be accessed through an adjoining property, meaning that a staircase is necessary.
That may seem straightforward, but many garages require a large amount of floorspace, making a staircase non-viable. An external staircase however circumvents this issue by taking up no space in the floorplan.

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Durable and Reliable Softwood Exterior Staircases

This softwood staircase for example was the perfect addition to this newbuild detached garage. The design is made from softwood for a cost-effective budget and has been treated to provide a lengthy lifespan.
You may look at the design and find the open risers to be an attractive feature. Open risers are not just contemporary fashion here, they are vital.
Without open risers, water would collect on the treads leading to faster weathering. Open risers also prevent the structure from be buffeted by the wind, an important consideration for coastal properties.

For more staircase ideas, check out the Pear Stairs case study database. To start designing your very own staircase, try the free online Staircreator here. You can also talk to an expert about your staircase desires by phoning the design team on 01938 553311.