Designing Your Handrail

The handrail is a significant aspect of a staircase, not just for safety but for how it feels and looks.
We may put our feet on the steps, but the handrail is the part of a staircase that most frequently touches your skin,
so it is important to consider how it will feel to use, such as with a flowing continuous design or a staggered, post-to-post layout.

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Stair Handrails

When it comes to sturdy, stylish handrails for stairs, Pear Stairs is the way to go.
Pear Stairs handrails come in a wide range of timbers, shapes and sizes, which makes Pear Stairs a one stop shop for handrails and balustrades. 
Handrails are available in a variety of styles, ready to suit your staircase design goals.
Whether you have long, short, slim, wide, standard or spiral stairs, handrails which will perfectly suit your needs are waiting for you At Pear Stairs, at unbelievably affordable prices.

Pick Your Handrail Design

Pig's Ear

pigs ear handrail, handrail design, pear stairs

A pig's ear handrail is suited to staircases with a wall on either side or where building regulations require an additional handrail. 
Unlike a mop stick, this handrail is fixed directly on to the wall and does not require brackets. 
The streamlined design and smooth curves of this handrail are appealing to most tastes. 
It is a great choice for designs where the texture of the wood is a central feature.

Mop Stick Handrail

mopstick handrail, pear stairs, cheap handrail

This is the most simplistic handrail type that fixes to a wall with brackets (in a style of your choice). 
This is a good choice where a cost-effective option is preferred and helps to comply with building regulations for wide staircases.

Continuous Handrail

continuous handrail, over post handrail, pear stairs

Continuous handrails have a smooth flowing design to them, they are commonly associated with large luxurious staircase designs, 
but they can easily be included in a home staircase with Pear Stairs. 

Handrail Features

Handrail Volute

volute handrail, pear stairs, volute, continuous handrail

The volute is a beautiful addition to a handrail that completes the luxurious flow of a continuous handrail. 
Volutes include an up ramp that is joined separately.

Handrail Vertical Turn

handrail vertical turn, continuous handrail, pear stairs

A vertical turn keeps the flow of a continuous handrail going through sharp corners and allows for handrails to fit awkward vertical spaces. 
These handrail features are available with a groove large enough to accommodate spindles up to 41mm. 
Alternative sized grooves are available on request.

Straight Cap

straight cap, pear stairs, continuous handrail

When a balcony runs for over 2.4 metres a newel is required (PST5) for extra support. 
A straight cap sits on top of the newel and allows your handrail to retain a smooth continuous design.

This is just a small sample of the handrail options and features available to you from Pear Stairs,
click here for more on handrails and Balustrades from Pear Stairs.