What sets From the Anvil's home and garden range apart is their commitment to using high-quality materials and traditional methods of manufacturing. The company has always taken pride in its traditional blacksmithing techniques and this commitment to quality is evident in the new range of products. Each item is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques, ensuring that every product is unique and of the highest quality.

From the Anvil are passionate about creating beautiful and functional ironmongery products that stand the test of time. So why not look at their home and garden range today and discover the perfect finishing touches for your living space?

Plant Pots

Ironmongery plant pots are a unique and stylish way to add rustic charm to your garden or home. Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and the wear and tear of daily use, proving to be a great investment.

Working well with a variety of plants, from small succulents to larger shrubs, From the Anvil’s plant pot range are perfect for adding visual interest to any space.

The new plant pot range has been fabricated to be the perfect accompaniment to alike ranges such as door accessories and lighting collections, giving the complete finishing touch to your property.

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Designed to catch the eye, From the Anvil’s sink collection is bound to create a showstopper within your home. The sinks are suited to both traditional and contemporary settings and are complimented with other textures such as granite, marble, and quartz.

Materials used to manufacture these ironmongery sinks offer a durable and long-lasting option for those seeking an industrial display within their home. The use of durable materials means they are easy to clean and will not scratch or dent easily.

The collection was carefully developed to work with both mounted on a shelf or recessed into a kitchen or bathroom unit.

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Log Holders

A practical and stylish approach to storing firewood - providing a convenient and safe area for the wood, whilst keeping it off the ground and stacked alongside your fireplace.

Available to purchase in both Refined Matt Black and Pewter Patina, the manufacturing techniques of this product result in contrasting textures on the surface of the meal to allow for an abundance of charm. The finishes sit well in characterful, rustic homes but can also work well in more contemporary and modern settings.

All From the Anvil’s Log Holders have been hand forged from mild steel by master craftsmen to ensure a sturdy and weighty finish.

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Companion Sets

Maintain and arrange your fireplace with From the Anvil’s collection of companion sets, featuring essential tools such as poker, shovel, brush, and tongs.

With the right tools on hand, you can easily remove ashes and debris, adjust logs, or coal, and keep your fireplace looking clean and well-groomed.

Available in two different styles; a simple arc design that highlights the tools perfectly, allowing each one to be seen and appreciated, or a unique spiral design that features a delicate twist, adding an interesting focal point to your fireplace.

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Boot Racks

Ideal for families or individuals who enjoy outdoor activities, these Boot Racks can hold multiple pairs of boots and shoes and prove a favourable accessory that is designed to de-clutter and keep footwear in an organised manner.

Due to their durability from high-quality materials, the racks can withstand the weight of heavy boots and shoes without bending or warping, ensuring that they are functional for years to come.

Purchasable in two different sizes depending on your needs, this handy rack is the perfect addition to your utility, porch, or entryway. Featuring hand-hammered ball finials for a contemporary display.

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Simplify your Life with From the Anvil’s Home & Garden Range at Pear Stairs

By investing in ironmongery, your home can become visually appealing whilst also remaining functional.

Ironmongery can also play a huge factor in increasing the value of your property, which is another reason to invest in top-quality pieces.

Whether you're looking for door handles, hinges, locks, or any other type of ironmongery product, From The Anvil Ironmongery has a product that will suit your needs. Visit our online shop to explore our extensive range of From the Anvil products and see how you can enhance your home interior today!

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For more information about From the Anvil and the products we stock, you can speak to one of our team over the phone on 01938553311. Alternatively, you can send us a direct e-mail using webenquiries@pearstairs.co.uk.