Hammered Ironmongery Furnishings from the Heart of Wales

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(Image: From the Anvil)

The Hammered Collection of ironmongery by From the Anvil boasts gorgeous intricate textures, elevated by a choice of sublime finishes. Manufactured using traditional ironmongery techniques in the heart of Wales, From the Anvil create authentic hand forged furnishings for the modern home. Visit the Pear Stairs Online store here to view the available furnishings for your home or project.

Creating the Hammered Collection

drawing hammered from the Anvil ironmongery

(Image: From the Anvil)

"Any new collection within our range takes time to develop. First comes the design stage where our design team discuss and sketch out their initial ideas. For this collection we set out to create a set of products that had a more contemporary feel whilst utilising our much-loved traditional manufacturing methods. We settled on the simple hammering technique. Next our product development team produce more comprehensive drawings which are then passed on to the factory where several prototypes and first product samples are made. At this stage we also consider the base metals that we feel would be most suitable which also determines the final finishing options. We chose to use solid brass and bronze for our hammered products and felt that our signature period finishes would bring this collection to life, completing the hammered detail and allowing the products to shimmer. Whenever we produce a new design, we always make sure that it is available in door, window, and cabinet ironmongery to allow our customers to create a consistent look throughout."

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(Image: From the Anvil)

Peruse the online Pear Stairs store here to discover the full range of From the Anvil ironmongery. The store offers a vast selection of stair parts and furnishings for the home. To design you dream staircase, try the online Staircreator here or call the design team on 01938 553311.