Four Stunning Hand-Forged Lever Handle Collections

ironmongery door furnishings avon regency

The latest collection of concealed door handles by From the Anvil features four bold lever styles, Regency, Avon, Brompton and Hammered. The Regency range appeals to refined classical tastes, the Avon range has more of a simplistic styling to showcase the texture of the metal, the Brompton range boasts precise lines and consistent forms for a more contemporary feel, and the Hammered collection has a rustic charm. Each of these collections is available in one of four gorgeous finishes: black, matt black, beeswax or pewter.

Hammered Lever Door Handles & Latches

hammered ironmongery, hammered door handle

Pieces in the Hammered collection are some of the very latest designs by From the Anvil and have been given a fascinating texture. The hammering process creates an intricate effect on the metal that is organic in appearance and catches light in a unique way.

Brompton Lever Door Handles & Latches

bromptondoor handle, modern metal door handle

The Brompton collection has been designed with precision for a very much deliberate look. By far the most modern in terms of stylings, this range features knurled textured handles for a practical grip that complements the utilitarianism of contemporary interior design. The combination of reliable traditional forging and manufacturing techniques with today’s design trends has resulted in a collection that is durable, practical, and seductively stylish.

Avon Lever Door Handles & Latches

avon lever door handle, ironmongery door ahndle

The Avon collection is simplistic yet effective. One of the more popular selections by From the Anvil, the Avon collection showcases the subtle texture of the metals and the finishes, highlighting the craftsmanship and skill that has gone into the metalworking. A favourite in traditional designs, the Avon collection suits most interior thanks to how unintrusive it is.

Regency Lever Door Handles & Latches

regency lever handle, ironmongery doorhandle, regency handle

The Regency collection is for those who wish to make a refined statement with their interior design. The ornate detailing and tapered shape of these handles is reminiscent of classical architecture, creating an altogether indulgent aesthetic.

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