Create a Flowing and Stylish Balustrade with a Continuous Handrail

Continuous handrails create a single flowing surface throughout a staircase design that complements luxurious interior styles and aesthetics. Also known as over-the-post handrails, continuous handrails are made from a series of segments with matching profiles. The Pear Stairs online store provides a comprehensive selection of continuous handrail parts in a selection of materials and finishes. These parts include volutes, scrolls, turns, ramps, and caps. 

Continuous Handrail Parts

continuous handrail parts, handrail parts

Turns are used when a handrail needs to change angle laterally and ramps are used when they must change angle vertically. Volutes and scrolls are used at the end of continuous handrails for a decorative flourish. Volutes swirl back on themselves and are often accompanied by a D-End feature step. The feature step mirrors the silhouette of the volute, providing a surface onto which spindles can be installed. A scroll provides a more abrupt end to a handrail as it rolls in on itself.

Oak Continuous Handrail with Volute

continuous handrail example, over the post, handrail parts

This example staircase was created by us for a property in Cornwall. At the bottom of the balustrade is an example of a swirling volute. The volute then connects to a ramp leading to the main handrail. At the top, the handrail ramps up to a vertical turn, followed by a corner turn to the landing balustrade. As demonstrated in the image, wall mounted continuous handrails are also available.

White Primed Continuous Handrail with Opening Cap

white continuous handrail, white staircase, stair parts uk

Another example of a continuous handrail is this white primed design. This balustrade has a tighter overall design as it does not feature a volute or a scroll end. Instead, the handrail ends with a simple opening cap over the newel post. This cap then connects to a ramp and a straight handrail section, much like the previous example. This staircase showcases the white primed stair parts available among many other material options in the Pear Stairs store.

To shop for continuous handrail parts, visit the Pear Stairs Online Store here. To talk through your design ideas with a member of our design team, call us on 01938 553311.