Save On Space And Money With A Durable Wooden External Staircase

For many outbuildings an external staircase is an attractive space saving option. Without the need to accommodate a staircase within the confines of the walls, the utility of space can be maximised. It is a popular option for buildings that require additional first floor access and especially spaces above detached garages, such as with this property in Surrey.

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Designing An External Staircase

When designing an external staircase, it should be kept simple and robust, durability is the priority, though an attractive design can also be achieved with the staircase design options available from Pear Stairs. Over complicated designs, such as with winders and risers, have too many spaces where rain and/or snowfall may cause damage.
Open risers, as used in this design, are always advisable as this minimises how much the staircase will be affected by the weather. A staircase with solid risers may act like a sail and catch the wind, leading to strain and a shorter lifespan, open risers on the other hand will allow the wind to pass through the structure. Open risers also allow water to drain either way off the treads, avoiding water build up and rot.

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Preparing A Staircase For The Outside

If you are opting for a wooden external staircase, square spindles and newels are the best option as this again minimises spaces where water may collect, providing a strong finish.
To ensure the staircase lasts, external staircases should be properly treated. A wide selection of attractive staircase parts in the Pear Stairs store may be treated in a manner similar to this design which has been vac-vac treated. This particular staircase was manufactured from redwood, providing a deep and attractive colour without being as expensive as hardwood options. The spindles and newels are square, and they have been topped off with pyramid newel caps, a smart choice as these allow water to drain off the newel.

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For more on the Pear Stairs design options, see what you can create with the online Staircreator or visit the online stair parts store. The helpful Pear Stairs design team may also be contacted on 01938 553311.