Ornate Curved Staircase; Ready to Ship

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This statement curved staircase has ben dry fitted in the state-of-the-art Pear Stairs factory. Featuring a powerful cut stringer, tread nosing and a D-End feature step, this staircase is waiting to be loaded onto one of the Pear Stairs lorries to be shipped off to its forever-home where it will be a magnificent central feature. Although this is a large and impactful staircase for a property it is actually the smaller details that give this design such a striking profile. The main features to consider when adding flourishes to your curved staircase are stringers, feature steps, nosings, spindles and material.

Features on a Curved Staircase

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The stringer (aka string) is essentially the side of the staircase and it can either be closed, providing a smooth flowing line or it can be cut, following the contours of the steps. Cut strings are generally favoured for curved staircases as they exaggerate the overall shape of the staircase, providing an eye-catching aesthetic. Feature steps are specially shaped bottom steps that welcome you up the flight. The two types of feature step are bull nosed, with rounded edges and D-end, as depicted in these images. Feature steps can also be mixed and matched across the bottom two steps for an extra flare.The nosing is where the treads extend over the edges of the risers and strings. Much like cut strings, nosing makes the profile of the staircase more interesting to look at and is a must when you want your curved staircase to be as grand as possible.

Materials for Your Curved Staircase

This particular example has been manufactured with white-primed softwood, though there are a variety of material options for a curved staircase at Pear Stairs. A popular choice is oak, a sturdy hardwood with a warm colouring; there are also the variants of European oak or American white oak, each with a slightly different shade. Other available timbers include: hemlock, sapele, Scandinavian pine and walnut. For more on material options, visit our page on Wooden Staircases.

Design Your Curved Staircase Today with Pear Stairs

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Designing your very own curved staircase is very simple with Pear Stairs. There is a dedicated design team, ready to talk you through the process, from measuring and design through to the manufacture and delivery. Pear Stairs can quickly and easily provide the bespoke curved staircase of your dreams. For more, give the designers a call on 01938 553311.