Commercial Staircase;
Simple & Practical Design With Attractive Features

This stoic staircase in Penzance Cornwall balances both practicality and style for an end design that is suitable for the commercial property it is in yet retains a somewhat homely feel. 
The wide treads are accommodating for anyone using the stairs while the inclusion of dual quarter landings at each level creates a design that seems to flow through the entire property’s height.

Pear Stairs Quarter Landings Cornwall

Stylish Yet Functional Staircase Design

This duality between the modern and the familiar is also demonstrated with the balustrade. The spindles and baserail have a bright white primed finish, while the traditional handrail brings a touch of warmth with the colours and textures of exposed timber. 
Knowing from the start that they wanted a painted staircase, choosing white-primed components was a practical choice for the client. They said: “As these staircases were being painted we opted to have them pre-primed saving us both time and money on site.”

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The use of carpets is another smart cost-saving choice made by the client. If a staircase is to be carpeted then there is no need to spend extra on the treads and risers, materials such as plywood and whitewood can be used for a design that is sturdy and easily covered up.
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