Home interiors, just like fashion, architecture, cars, hairstyles and even phones, are constantly evolving as particular styles fall in and in and out of favour according to the latest trends. This can apply to staircase design as well - although obviously stairs, as permanent structures, are not as easy to change as your phone or shoes! Here are just a few popular trends that we have noticed recently:


Carpet can work wonders for old and new staircases alike, and doesn't need to be boring. Stripey carpet runners that flow down the centre of the stairs are particularly popular at the moment, and can cover up a multitude of sins! Carpet is also recommended for households with young children, as it provides better grip than bare wood. It will make the house feel warmer in winter, too.

This option is most suitable for timber stairs, rather than those made from plywood or MDF. If your staircase is in reasonable condition, paint or stain the visible parts for a fresh new look. 

Carpet can really brighten up a hallway


Nothing says light and airy as effectively as glass - and enquiries about glazed stair balustrades have been flooding in to our team at Pear Stairs since well before Christmas. No wonder, as the light-enhancing properties of glass panels are able to make even the darkest, narrowest hallway appear bigger and brighter. 

Glass is ideal for encouraging the flow of natural light, making rooms seem larger than they really are. It used to be mainly restricted to modern homes, but is now frequently used in older properties too. A glass balustrade can work well even in a period cottage if paired with the right timber (American white oak is a safe bet) and a sympathetic, unfussy design.   

Our glazed panels are produced from toughened safety glass with bevelled edges, and can be made to measure where standard sizes are unsuitable. A balustrade consisting of two or three large sheets of glass is great for creating an impact and will encourage maximum light flow. Smaller panels are also available – these are less showy, but more flexible and frequently the best choice where space is limited.

Glass balustrade by Pear Stairs

Contrasting Timber

Not everyone likes carpet, and the current trend for making the most of natural wood in interior design has led to many people taking out their stair carpet to expose the beauty of the timber treads underneath. When painted or stained a contrasting colour, this can create a striking effect. However, this only works if your treads are made from real wood (rather than, say, MDF) and are in good condition.

Timber looks good in modern and traditional settings alike, and can look particularly effective when used to create a contrast with white-painted components. Its timeless quality also means it will not quickly go out of date. American white oak is the most popular timber we use, but ash and walnut can also look stunning. Wood can be a little slippery though, so if you have young children or elderly relatives it is always a good idea to fit rubber anti-slip grippers on the treads, just to be on the safe side.

Contrast can look great
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