Metal spindles in staircases manufactured in the UK by Pear Stairs

Steel staircases are a marvellous addition to any property, bringing a sleek, modern twist to your hallway and lasting for years to come.

They have a lot to offer that makes them a viable option when choosing a new staircase remodel in your home, and to top it all off, maintaining them is simple.

If you want to keep your steel staircase looking its best at all times, it’s crucial to keep on top of regular cleaning – but how is it done?

In this post, the staircase specialists at Pear Stairs walk you through how to keep your stainless steel staircase in tip-top condition.


Wipe it down regularly

Make it a habit to wipe your steel staircase down regularly with a soft microfibre cloth.

If possible, you should include this chore with your other weekly cleaning duties, to save the hassle of a longer and more tedious deep clean when dirt, dust, and grime have had time to accumulate and settle.


Dig your feather duster out

Similar to your bookcases and windowsills, a steel staircase gathers dust surprisingly quickly.

Although it seems like the simplest step, dusting is also one of the most important if you want to keep everything looking spick and span.

By grabbing your feather duster or just an ordinary cloth, you can make your other cleaning tasks a whole lot easier, preventing dust from being transferred from one floor to another whenever you go up or down the stairs.


Steer clear of harsh cleaning products

While stainless steel staircases are made to be durable, this isn’t to say that they’re 100% resistant to scrapes and scratches.

However, there are things you can do to prevent cosmetic damage, one being to avoid harsh cleaning products and tools – including abrasive powders and metal cleaners.

When used frequently, these products have the potential to destroy your steel staircase’s paint or finishing.

You should also steer clear of hydrochloric acid, steel wool, and chlorine. Instead, use a mild detergent diluted with a touch of water to remove any spots of dirt.


Keep an eye out for any dirt or spillages

Whilst this cleaning habit applies mostly to your tabletops, floors, and kitchen counters, your stairs shouldn’t get left behind.

As soon as you notice a spot of dirt or a bit of a spill, you should make a point of getting rid of them immediately, as leaving them for too long will lead to them becoming too troublesome to clean up.


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